e-Harmony just isn't worth your money.

So today my three month subscription to e-harmony ended. I had picked eharmony on the recommendation of an older friend who was having a lot of success with it. I guess I should have thought about it a bit more though since he is in his late 30s and better looking than me to boot, so it is natural that he had more luck than I did.

On eharmony you don't browse for people, instead you are matched up with them. In my time there I was matched up with about 60 women. Of those sixty I ultimately ended up going on exactly zero dates.

E-harmony seems to actually have very few women in the correct age range for me, which is about 22 to 28. Most of the ones younger than me closed me out instantly, never responded to my requests for communication, or closed me out upon my initial request. I will admit I closed out a few of them instantly myself. Those that I did close out were all very much out of my league. I am honest with myself and am not going to waste my time chasing down extremely attractive women. Lets face it, there are a 100 other guys chasing them down and I would just be wasting my time.

Most of the girls I was matched with and did communicate with were listed as being 28-30. From their pictures I would think that most of them were lying about their age. The majority of them I would have guessed as about 5 years older, some even older than that. A few of them did actually look to be the age they listed, but in the end it ended up being fruitless.

Honestly even if they were telling the truth about their ages I still think that 28-30 is too old for me anyway. Yes I know I am turning 29 in a couple months, but I can count the number of dates I have been on with girls older than 21 on one hand and still have a thumb left over. Women my own age often seem incredibly old to me, I don't seem to connect with them, and honestly I often feel like I don't have much to offer them anyway. A feeling that I never seem to have about the ones in the 20-24 range that I am hoping for.

I did notice a couple of very strange things in common with the girls they did match me with. A full 40 percent were named with some variation of either Sarah or Katie. Roughly half of them worked in child care, and I got far more redheads than a random selection would have produced. The child care thing was a sort of a revelation to me that I hadn't thought about before, it makes total sense though. As for the Sarahs, Katies, and redheads. Well, most of the women/girls I have dated and/or been seriously interested have been either Sarahs or Katies. And of course the two number one women for me of all time were a red haired Sarah and a red haired Katie respectively. Perhaps names and hair color are more related to behavior and development than I thought they might be, since it seems odd that the computer matching would match me up highly with the names and (rare) hair color I was most fond of. And of course the number 3 most common name they gave me was Carrie, which is not a name I have any particular fondness for, but does place highly in my list of ex-girlfriends.

So, to recap. Eharmony is a waste of money and many of the women are lying about their age. My last disastrous craigslist date turned out better than eharmony did, because at least that only wasted my time for one day and not for 3 months.