The Magic Box is the last book released for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer roleplaying game, and it is also the most difficult book to find (more on that later). The Magic Box (so named for the magic shop on the television show) is a sourcebook that details the use of magic in the Buffy universe.

The Magic Box is not actually a box so much as it is a 128 page color softcover book. Honestly this a real let down compared to the other books for the Buffy rpg, as all the other books are hardcover and glossy, and a heck of a lot easier to actually purchase. You see it appears that The Magic Box came out right before Eden Studios lost their Buffy license. To say that it is difficult to find would be an understatement. Forget the store, it won't be there. 95 percent of the time there won't even be a copy of it on eBay, which is significant because at any given time almost any RPG supplement ever published for any game is available for purchase on eBay. However usually has two or three sellers who have a copy for around $100, which is frankly a whole lot more money than this book is possibly worth. I found my copy in the opening minutes of a game convention, and actually got it at 20 percent off cover price.

The book presents a solid spellcasting and technology system for use in the game, which is a good thing because spellcasting is very loosely defined in the Core Rulebook. The biggest drawbacks to the magic system is that it is a lot more complicated that the rest of the rules are. I also had the minor quibble that the spellcasting rules actually added a rare situation in which the gamemaster would actually have to roll dice! The gamemaster doesn't normally use dice in the Buffy game (long story short, it is an opposed roll system in which non-player characters have fixed rolls, and it uses action points), and I always quite enjoyed being able to run games without bringing any dice.

If you have spellcasting characters in the game then you will find this book to be a great addition to the game, if you can find it that is. However if you are like me and run games without a lot of spellcasters then you will find that it is mostly just taking up shelf space. Fortunately it is loaded with pictures of Alyson Hannigan so it isn't a total loss.