I don't see the above idea working out that well. Because if E2 starts selling C!'s for $100 other people will just start selling their C!'s for $10. I have a simpler and more elegant solution.

Add a new symbol to The Power Structure of Everything 2. That symbol will be for people who have donated money via Paypal. I would suggest a minimum $10.00 donation to get a symbol next to your name. That way people can feel good about donating, and get some recognition. Without screwing up the balance of power.

I am sure that most regular noders would contribute to get the symbol next to their name.

Although looking at the Donation Box, it appears that E2 might be bringing in enough to be self sufficient anyway. That is assuming that the server is already paid for, (it isn't exactly a multi-million dollar box ya know). E2 averaged $686.22 per month in donations over the last 90 days. That should cover most of the bandwidth. Last time I checked no one was paying the editors or the edev members. So E2 really isn't in that bad of shape.