I have recently contracted a flesh eating virus and have lost my right leg. I am still in the hospital dealing with dialysis and other complications. I called the ambulance Dec 16th with shortness of breath. Then went through a 9 day nightmare of occasionaly gaining consciousness to find myself restrained with a tube in each end of me, drugged up enough to not understand what was happening. I finally woke up to find myself missing a leg, sporting a bed sore that would require surgery and months to heal and for some reason my weak left ear had gone completely deaf.

I then transferred to another hospital. I died while checking in but they were able to revive me. It is now a month later. I am still in the hospital. I am on dialysis. I am still fighting the bed sore. My body is weak but I can sit up for about 20 minutes before the pain from the sore forces me back to bed.

My family would appreciate any help you could give. I apologize for the lack of good links. I wrote this on a phone from a hospital bed. https://www.gofundme.com/f/2h4nf-test