How To Really Open a Banana

Up to this point everyone has mentioned you should open the banana the right way. But what is the right way?

I've been eating banana's once a day for over 15 years, which makes me an expert on them. The problem most people face is not actually opening the banana, but however squishing the top part of the banana when they force it open. This can be seen mostly in bananas that aren't ripe. You might say, "Who cares if I squish the top part of the banana?" For one, the top part of the banana will taste like shit (all mushy), and secondly this will strangely make the rest of the banana taste less pleasant.

I think the reason the rest of the banana isn't as good is because its a mental thing. For example, imagine having a shitty childlife. Since everyone tells you your childhood is the best time of your life, you later expect that the rest of your life can only get worse.

For these reasons please open your bananas correctly.
Here are the steps you take to open a banana the right way (without squishing it on top):

  • Place the banana in front of you so the banana is facing you with the curve pointed directly at your face.

  • Bite through the banana exactly where the stem ends(imagine where the fruit of the banana is and bite just before it).

  • I end it with pulling the skin off with my teeth, however it will also work by peeling it with your fingers.

You now have a perfectly opened banana without the nasty mushy stuff when opened incorrectly.