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Justin Corwin is a pragmatic phlegmatic, with odd flashes of engineering insight. He considers himself first a builder of important things, primarily in the real world, but increasingly in software. He is a relative newcomer to computers having become a real netizen in 2000.

He was born on 7/30/81 at 10 am, disrupting a college exam and kicking off a lifelong adversarial relationship with the modern american education system. He grew up in several cities, including LA, SanFran?, Orinda, St. Louis, and Cincinnati. He is remarkably stubborn, having become a rationalist relatively recently. He has changed direction several times, and expects to again. He is an anarchist, and doesn't really understand how anyone could be a libertarian. But he's not much of a politician. He gets in lots of arguments very easily, and usually enjoys it. A stickler for accuracy. Kind of a jerk. Self-publisher(at least on the internet). Single, athletic.

INTP at strength 11/67/22/33(weakly introverted, distinctively intuitive, slightly thinking, moderately perceptive) I'm not the biggest fan of the Kiersey sorter, but a lot of people find it very useful. If you're not familiar with the four letter code, i have a characterization above, and here's a description of INTPs in general by J.Butt

"In the mirrors of many judgments my hands are the color of blood. I am a part of the evil that exists in the world and in Shadow. I sometime fancy myself an evil which exists to oppose other evils. I destroy Melkins when I find them, and on that Great Day of which prophets speak but in which they do not truly believe, on that day when the world is completely cleansed of evil, then I, too, will go down into darkness, swallowing curses. Perhaps even sooner than that, I now judge. But whatever... Until that time, I shall not wash my hands nor let them hang useless."

--Corwin "The Guns of Avalon" by Roger Zelazny