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Not many people today like sardines. This is understandable, as they have a very strong smell to them. My grandparents loved sardines and they passed this love on to me. Now please do not think that I mean to say I have an overabundance of love for sardines. I do not. I do not obsess over them, nor collect pictures of them. I merely enjoy them for breakfast or sometimes tea. Herring I do not enjoy particularly. Especially raw. I sometimes am frustrated when people insist on eating herring raw. I say to them, "now this, really, is too much." But oftentimes they persist. I worry that I am not forcefull enough, I worry that I am perhaps too timid, and speak too softly. A man should have a clear and authoritative way of speaking. I attempt this sometimes with the old ladies but they are always so busy chattering they don't even pay attention.