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mission drive within everything
I don't have a mission drive. I have a mission reverse which would be absolutely useless unless I worked for Microsoft.
PC & Mac hardware, P.A. systems
Yarra Valley Grammar, Melbourne Australia
I've come a long way but I ain't got anywhere
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Yet another Australian Linux user who is forced to work with the enemy at school, but is content knowing that he will at the end of the day return home to his small but respected Linux box. Also a regular browser of ThinkGeek who drools over the gadgets but has no money and can't buy any, and is for the same reason using an Intel Celeron that was outperformed by a Dorito chip about 2 years ago. Every day I squeeze myself through a bandwidth of 56kbps to get onto the net, because there is no high bandwidth connection in his suburb, and at the same time craftily uses ipchains to share an unlimited dialup with a LAN of 4 PCs at home, and his stupid ISP have still not noticed that he downloads almost 1 GB a month on dialup which would normally be considered a federal offence in Australia for a single account.

Was the only one at school who knew what was going on on the 11th Sept. because everyone went to CNN etc., and I went to slashdot.

Most kids spend their free time skateboarding or doing drugs. I code. God help us all.