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My (two) friends and I run a company called out of Mumbai, India. It's a web design cum web applications development Co. More importantly, it's a (web) communications Co. Why? Read on!

98% of our business comes from the overseas customer (essentially USA). We service them 100% remotely out of Mumbai. Some of them we've never met! Right from administrating the brief to writing the copy to designing the logo to the navigation & architecture to designing the interface to developing the apps. is done out of our office in Mumabai. 95% of the time we get all of the above approved in the first pass. Did someone say 'why communications?!'

I'm interested in collaborating with folks who think they're sitting on a good market for the kind of services we offer. The money is good...visit our website and talk to me.

Recently, we've been bitten by the 'networking' bug. I guess we were bitten long, long ago but only realized the implications 150 odd days ago. We're working on this...