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The will to kick back with a beer and a blunt, to tackle the challenge of new drugs and experiences, not to mention keeping my lovely other half Nikki at bay, and trying to enjoy myself. On a more serious note new Anime is of absolute necessity, the Daily show, IRC, AIM, the equivalent of a T2 connection (when it's not busy) and my two best friends: Napster and Jack Daniels. Oh yeah, something about passing 5 classes each semester too. I 'm not sure where to put this, but i have a cat, as it stands, her name is cat. She lives in my dorm with myself and PhYLiX the tetrinet-addict roommate. I love my cat.
I Pilot a Gundam in the aftermath of an incredible war of which few survived. My mobile suit, the GX9900. My problem: I'm not a newtype. I travel with a group of Vultures and a newtype named Tifa.
Rutgers University / David Lin and ALLTEL
i need time to think about this one...
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Pending: Free Time

Rutgers University: Viva Medium! Screw Targum! I want my $8 back!

Temporary: Hi. I'm Nick from Livingston. This whole punctuation and caps thing is going to be tough for me, being an 31337 h4x0r in days of old. IRC and BBS's leave a lingering impact on one's more trivial writing attributes. Of course the years of subjected abuse from every last mind and/or body altering substance I could get my hands on has little to do with it. Run on sentences. Fraggments. Spelling Errors! Exclamation of errors.

I shall return to append to this mini-bio. When i do i'll come bearing links and shit to tantalize your mind's eye, but put away the one-eyed cyclops - I read the FAQ - there is to be no pr0n on here. pr0n exists for two reasons - profit and to be put on every computer in the high school library.

I'm done yammerin...


"No, you didn't do a bad job, you did a piss poor job." -Bruce Willis