Designed by bob moog, in his second period career (like kurzweil experience). This machine is cv monophonic with classic ADSR control and 2 oscillator. Oftern called the "cheap" minimoog, this is not really true since it's CEM based , and far from fat sound of true transistor analog.

The sound is not so deep, and it feels like a job not finished, round sound a bit like SH101 but the filter is not as powerful as the roland four pole.I made some comparisons with similar structure like Pro-one from sequential circuits, and I still prefer the american one- though my heart belongs to the best (only?) italian synth: the elka Synthex

I liked somehow the sound, but don't pay this much (500bucks) this is hard to find, but not really so powerful, for collector, but as we know CRUMAR is not so well-known.

Furthermore pay attention to his reliability this machine has full hard to find CEM inside and broke some of them quite OFTEN! be sure to  have supply of chips to some check ebay reseller.

Nice little cheap synth!