Imation does much more than make stickers. They're a full-fledged spinoff of 3M.

I was first introduced to Imation by way of a case of nifty transparent, colored floppy disks. I still have some lying around, although I've gotten rid of most of my floppies in favor of compact discs. In fact, Imation also makes CD-R and CD-RW discs. Gold on top, bluish underneath.

In addition, Imation makes laserdiscs, scanners, printers, video cassettes, FireWire tape backup drives, backup tapes, SuperDisks, USB floppy drives, and a slew of other gadgets.

Incidentally, none of the floppy disk stickers that came with my disks fold over to the other side. The nifty symbols for the write-protection doodad are embossed on the disk itself.