Another way of saving Quicktime movies to a local machine is through examing the HTML source:

  • Display the source HTML code of the page you are viewing:

    Careful: Sometimes authors uses frames to format HTML pages. This means that using the menu items above may only display the source of the frameset, or another frame, rather than the frame of the page containing the movie itself. To overcome this, right-click the frame that contains the movie, then choose View Source or View Frame Source.

  • Within the source code, search for the phrase .mov or .qt. (Internet Explorer and Opera spawns Notepad which allows search. Mozilla spawns its own source browser, which allows search. Certain versions of Netscape spawns its own source browser, but does not allow search.)
  • If the search is good, then you should land yourself in the middle of an embed tag:
    <embed src="" ...>
    This gives you the URL of the movie file. If it is a relative URL, just prepend the URL of the frame (which can be found by right-clicking the frame and choosing Properties or View Frame Properties).
  • Use wget to download the move.

Usually this would mean downloading the movie twice: (1) to display the page and (2) to download the movie to the local machine. However, for those nimble amongst us, this can be sped up by clicking the Stop button just before (1) finishes. You only need the HTML source, not the images or movies.