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Welcome to my homenode.
I look around here often and post things seldom. As of the day I'm updating this, I have been here 3.3 years and have written 26 writeups.
If you've come here because something I wrote interested you, I hope you'll take a look at Flesh and blood after all: a story in pieces.
Although I think it is the best story I have written as of now, barely anyone has voted on it, which I assume means barely anyone has gotten through it. It is pretty long, but give it a shot. You might like it.

My highest-ranked node is currently the importance of cardboard boxes, which I wrote in high school and my teacher did not like nearly as much as the e2 community seems to, and my lowest-ranked node is getting teeth pulled is not fun, which I may get rid of one of these days. I haven't decided yet.

so i can keep them straight and maybe node some if they're not noded yet -- bands that i've seen, in roughly chronological order:

i know there are more, but i can't for the life of me think of what they are.

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