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I would like to think for a bit that "God"n a rough sense does not exist. As it is God to me is not the traditional view of an all-powerful being/person. I suppose that is why I wanted to be Wiccan for a while to become closer to nature was my goal.

.However, fickle as I am, I am getting tired of being misunderstood. Therefore strange as this might sound, the reason that led me to the idea of God's imperfections would be Catholicism. This is an idea I have almost become obsessed with. I started going&.methodically through the Catholic Saint Index on the web. To hear of all those miracles that had occurred was an affirmation, to me at least that He existed but in order to have Catholicism make perfect sense, again only to me, God would have to be imperf.ect because perfect and utter good could not exist without perfect and utter evil. "There is no Black and White, only shades of Grey." Of course the words perfect and imperfect are imperfect in the sense that they are created by imperfect human beings.