Spoon is an indie rock band from Austin, Texas. Front man Britt Daniel has been quoted as saying, "Spoon is the best band to ever come out of Austin." I don't know about that, but their new album as well as the preceeding Girls can Tell are definetly worth the money.

Spoon has refined their sound to a nice smooth tempo that allows them to get away with rough, hoarse sounding vocals and rapidly changing guitar chords. They've incorporated a sense of humor into their newer albums and experimented with mixing and added interesting sounds their songs. Although they can be catchy as hell and at times even dance-worthy, they're not really charting any new territory. They still play frequently in the Houston/Austin area. Great rainy day or background music.

Complete Discography:

Nefarious 7" and cd-ep (Fluffer) 1994
Idiot Driver lp (Peek-A-Boo) 1995
All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed 7" cd-ep (Matador) 1996
Not Turning Off UK only 7" (Matador) 1996
Telephono cd/lp (Matador) 1996
Primary cd (Cassiel) 1997
Soft Effects cd/lp (Matador) 1997
Operation in Progress cd (Nickle and Dime) 1997
What's Up Matador?"Telamon Bridge" and; "Don't Buy the Realistic" dbl-cd/dbl-lp (Matador) 1997
A Series Of Sneaks cd/lp (Elektra) 1998
30 Gallon Tank 7" (Peek-A-Boo) 1998
Anticipation 7" (Mag Wheel) 1998
The Agony of Laffitte cd (Saddle Creek) 1999
Love Ways cd-ep (Merge) 2000
Girls Can Tell cd/lp (Merge) 2001
Kill the Moonlight cd (Merge) 2002
Stay Don't Go cd/ep (Merge) 2003
The Way We Get Bycd/ep (Merge) 2003
I Turn My Camera On7" (Merge) 2005
Gimme Fiction cd/lp (Merge) 2005