Cave In formed in the small town of Methuen in 1995. Their mission was simple to create their own extremely loud, angry, violent, hardcore metal. Years later the band has now completely changed their sound.

Started in 1995 the band was formed when all the members were only 15. They went on to release 2 EPs which are now available through their compilation Beyond Hypothermia. During this period of time the band went through 2 angry lead vocalists to end with one of their guitarists, Stephen Brodsky, stepping up to sing for their first full length album, Until Your Heart Stops.

From these their early EPs and their first album Cave In cut an amazing image as an extremely hard hitting hardcore metal band with songs such as Juggernaut and Crossbearer. However, this sound would not be a permanent one. After the release of Until Your Heart Stops, Cave In persisted with touring as most hardcore bands do. Night after night Brodsky would be in pain after the set from the incessant screaming. It was around this time that the band decided to make a change. In early spring of 1999 the band would release the EP Creative Eclipses. This EP was a sweeping change for the band, no longer was their screaming vocals and metal style guitar. Instead of hardcore, fans found themselves listening to experimental indie rock. Most fans, however, wrote this off as an experimental album and awaited the release of the bands next full album.

In June 2000 fans finally got the full album they were waiting for, sort of. Once again many of the hardcore fans that had listened to Cave In would be disappointed to find a full length album of material very similar to that on Creative Eclipses. It was now official in the minds of all the fans, Cave In had permanently changed their style. While many of the band’s earlier albums had contained long instrumentals and spacey effects this was the first time that many fans saw the extent of the talent the band had for such things. Jupiter seemed to be more heavily influenced by Pink Floyd than metal and hardcore bands.

Through Cave In’s short history they’ve gone through multiple singers and a style change. However, Cave In still remains to be an extremely talented group of musicians that can pull of a change and actually go onto even more notoriety than their previous hardcore roots had gained them.

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