Ben's first post-Ben Folds Five solo album is Rockin' The Suburbs, to be released in September, 2001. The title track is an intriguing mix of what we have come to know from him, with the same sardonic lyrics, but with a melody carried by electric guitar and synth, very unlike his old band (although their last album had a bit of synths.)

He'll also be touring the album as well with a new band. Folds probably has the best chance of solo-career success, since the band was named after him, and he was the lead singer and majority songwriter of Ben Folds Five. I am also somewhat confident that sometime in the future, Ben Folds Five will regroup, or at least that the three members of the band will work together in some combination of new projects. I think it would be fitting if they had an aging rocker reunion tour in 10 or 15 years, completely tongue-in-cheek. That's the kind of humor I'd expect from Ben Folds.