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Born in 1945. Memory mostly lost of first six years. At eight or nine I started to wonder why. Parents joined LDS church when I was 9. I was given the choice; decided to trust my mom. Lived as an idealist Mormon until about half way through a mission in NYC and NJ (Eastern States). Became an agnostic for about seven years, during which my wife and I successfully alienated most other idealists belonging to the LDS Church. Became an empiricist, but did not realize it. Traveled for about three years interspersed with periodic bouts of employment. Had an epiphany experience at twenty eight and have been trying to recover ever since.

Have been gainfully employed:

  1. Montgomery Wards return clerk
  2. Gas Station Attendant
  3. Turkey Packer
  4. Milking Turkeys (a rare opportunity - Also pitchforked turkey heads once for a full day)
  5. Pizza Cook (Chicos in west Portland)
  6. Wood Chipper operator at Elk Studs Company, West Yellowstone Montana
  7. Survey Rod and Chainman (Duval Sierrita Duval Mine construction)
  8. Blue print and planning organizer for Stack precipitator at Hayden / Winkleman smelter.
  9. Dirt work inspector for construction of Phelps Dodge Morinci open pit coper mine mill
  10. Pizza Cook (Chicos in south Portland)
  11. Tire recap laborer
  12. VW Mechanic (Halsey Automotive, Portland)
  13. Chevrolet Mechanic (Gridley Chevrolet dealership, Spanish Fork Utah)
  14. Dynamite Packer (Trojan Powder, Spanish Fork Utah)
  15. Large tire repair (Cobre Tire, Duval mine shop)
  16. Giant Tire Repairman (the tires were giant, I am normal size)
  17. Computer Programmer (City of Tucson)
  18. System Analyst (Tucson City Water)
  19. Technical Services Technician
  20. VM Systems Programmer
  21. Retired at 58, over paid and under qualified.