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None. This turns out to be a multi-player RPG. I don't really care for those.
All that is subject to arising is subject to cessation.
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If you're reading this now:

  1. Shutdown your browser.
  2. Shutdown your computer.
  3. Get up and walk around (maybe even go outside).
  4. Establish human contact with an actual living person

The questions answered here are not the ones you should be asking, and the people here can't answer the questions you should be asking.

If high school didn't go well for you (or isn't going well for you) and you're looking for a place to fit in, don't be bitter. Look for a community that you can actually touch, and that contains both people like you and people not like you.

There were seven write-ups with a combined total of 49 reputation points (which worked out to something like 28 experience points). They're gone now, and so am I. Klaproth is welcome to our remains.

Me little Mary hurts...