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Moredhel chose his name before he was old enough to know better. He wont change it now coz too much stuff has this name on it already.

He's been using Unix since before it was spelt with an "L". He's even used the one that was spelt with. an "M". But makes a living on the one spelt with an "S". He's been using C++ long enough to have received an email response from Bjorne that yes, it *is* a bug in cfront.

He was being trained to support Java Developers so long.long ago that he upgraded to Java WorkShop 1.0B4 during the class.

He wrote the original text in jwz's XScreenSaver documentation about how to get CDE to use it instead, and that's the only useful thing he *has* done (up to and including his publ.blished 6502 assembler code, and the Fractool application for XView).

He's British, and still lives there, coz it's greener than most anywhere else.

He loves Solaris first, and Linux second (if it has Enlightenment).