I dreamt about a commercial. It was for a set of egg-shaped bean-bags, the first of which looked like a cowboy chicken, with a hat and a plastic beak, but the most pronounced feature was the six-shooter with a laser tag lens sticking out of his belly. The other three I couldn't see very well, one was supposed to be a guy, but the others could have been more farm animals. The three targets were arranged in a triangle with the guy in front, and the chicken was placed a distance away.

They activated the chicken and it started bobbing back and forth as if from the recoil. The two targets toward the back fell over, simulating death. The chicken fired another round of bullets but the guy jumped out of the way. Pretty strange for a bean-bag, but by this time through dream-dynamics both he and the chicken had turned into real people. The shooter fired some more rounds at the guy but he (the guy) kept dodging and escaping death. The word "bomb" then appeared and disappeared in a fancy manner. A bomb was thrown in the guy's general direction but he took cover and survived. Then the word "chair" appeared and disappeared in the same fancy manner. The shooter then threw a chair at the guy, and the guy asked, "What kind of chair was that?!"

"The most embarrassing chair of all," said the shooter, "a billy-chair!"

And that's how it ended.