Soma and Samadhi

Soma is a psychedelic drink made from combining the juice of young hemp plants and Amanita Muscaria mushrooms with milk.

Soma allows the mind to withdraw from further than it normally would from the physical world. Having shut out the senses, the mind expands outward. However, without the proper mental preparation, the mind will undoubtedly be pulled back inward, resulting in chaos and uncertainty. When consumed in conjunction with advanced yogic meditation, Soma is said to help induce something called Samadhi.

Samadhi is a state of mind, usually reached through meditation, where one is said to be in communion with the cosmic consciousness. While in Samadhi, one is in the embrace of the World and the Self and is said to possess illumined wisdom.

From the Prasna Upanishad: “Just as the rays of the setting Sun are all gathered in that orb of light, and they issue forth when it rises again, even so all is gathered up in the mind, which perceives everything.”

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