Also, a unit in the strategy game Myth 2: Soulblighter. The Trow is a really big giant, with skin colored the same as your team color. They all have Roman-sounding names, as their culture in the game is based on Roman culture.

Basically their function in Myth 2 is to wander around the battlefield owning everything they see. They are one of the only units that can be effective in singles.. ( Myth is all about mass unit tactics ). They are very fast and hit hard. Their attack against any non-Trow unit is a kick to the head ( everyone is less than waist high to the Trow ). If they kill a unit, it disintigrates into gibs, which is pretty nifty. When two Trow fight, they do so with fisticuffs. When the Trow has about 10% life left, it turns to the stone from which it was made, and cannot attack or move. It usually gets killed soon after, disappearing into a puff of rock dust.

It's a great unit for taking out Dwarves, and other single unit bolt types such as Wizards and Fetch. Basically, if you see a Trow, and you dont have 15-20 units, run.