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mission drive within everything
To rape and pillage and cause general discomfort, yarg.
Raping, pillaging, err mebbe hobbling on my new peg leg, yarg. I also like to feed me parrot THE HEARTS OF ENGLISHMEN, YARRRR!
Got me schoolin at Purdue, I did, aye. Workin for the government I am. BEIN A PIRATE YA SLAG!!
You can rape and pillage matey, but ne'er been a pirate what didn't enjoy a good mango smoothie, yarg.
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Yaarrggh, I be a pirate what's been sailin the brine for naught less than 3 months now, arg. I figger I like to read this here site cause it makes me look smart, har har. AVAST! Aye, that's better. yarg.