Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 36: Mistaken Identity
Original U.S. air date: March 2, 2002
Written by: Michael McConnohie

Scourge is still trying to gain control of Fortress Maximus, and now believes that capturing Koji, the Autobots' human friend, is what he needs. A first attempt to kidnap him after school is blocked by the car brothers, and when he reports back to Galvatron, Sky-Byte decides that capturing Koji himself is what he needs to regain Galvatron's favor.

Meanwhile, Koji is getting tired of having Autobot bodyguards everywhere he goes, and his best friend Carl is amazed at Koji's stories about controlling Maximus and adventuring with the Autobots. They decide to switch clothes before leaving school one day so Koji can get some time to himself, but Sky-Byte mistakes Carl for his target and takes him to Galvatron. They soon realize the error, but Scourge realizes that perhaps any human will do to control Maximus, not just Koji. When Movor reports from orbit that Maximus has resurfaced in the South American jungle, Scourge, Galvatron and Sky-Byte go there with Carl and Cerebros.

Once there, Scourge commands Carl to tell Maximus to activate and transform to robot mode. Carl is then taken by Maximus into the command module, and is excited at the power he has at his control. Now that Maximus/Carl is under his control, Scourge orders him to crush Galvatron and Sky-Byte, and Carl readily cooperates for a chance to help the Autobots. But Maximus fails, reporting a "frequency access error," and when the Autobots arrive via the global space bridge, Koji gets Carl to leave Maximus. Galvatron paralyzes Scourge for his betrayal and orders Sky-Byte to take him back to their headquarters.

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Galvatron is advertised with four new modes in addition to the six possessed by Megatron, despite the fact that the Megatron toy can transform into anything the Galvatron toy can. (In fact, one Japanese fan once created over a hundred distinct transformation modes for the toy, although most require a lot of imagination to identify them.) This episode demonstrated the first and last appearance of the "iron mammoth" mode, which uses Megatron's dragon tail/jet nosecone to form the trunk and the dragon/bat/jet wings to form the ears. It's pretty hideous even when you do get a good angle on it, which the episode never did.

It's not obvious at first that Galvatron has deliberately left Cerebros behind with the Autobots, apparently giving up on controlling Maximus after seeing that Scourge's best idea wasn't able to hurt even him.