Chris Gaines is actually Garth Brooks, acting in a role as a pop musician. In a move that puzzled his country music fans and non-fans alike, Garth Brooks donned a new persona with a fictional history. None of the following is true:

1967: Gaines born in Brisbane, Australia
1972: Gaines family moves to Los Angeles
1985: Gaines defies his parents' Olympic swimming ambitions by joining a rock band
1986: Gaines releases first album
1989: Gaines' solo album "Straight Jacket" spends 224 weeks on Billboard Top 20 and wins Grammy for Album of the Year.
... omitted dramatic car accident personal tragedy stuff ...
1999: Gaines releases greatest hits album before solo album ("The definitive album of the new millennium")

While the entire history is made up, the 1999 album was actually released by Garth. Critics panned it as lame pop.