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mission drive within everything
To champion apathy and cynicism, while repairing the hole in the funkmosphere
love peace and harmony, man! And mind expansion. And freebasing. oh!, and fixing, like, clocks and stuff. And philosophy. Yeah!, and modesty; I am THE most modest person in the WORLD!
Thee Order ov thee Spectral Hyena (incorporating the Mater Deum Magna Aggregate)
"I will never wear another man's underwear, no matter how well-laundered."
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I, like so many these days, was born young. Having soon forgotton everything but the last thought in my head,
life really took off.

But is it art?


I like snow
and parties
though some parties
are shit.

And in a final stretch beyond my reach, I knew my limit and knowing, already had it surpassed.
These are the times and this is the time, We are looking at infinity thru a pinhole
And the bigger picture
is smaller yet.

This sentence is not true.