New Zealand does too have wallabies. They live in the central South Island, and serve as the logo for the Waimate District Council. It has been suggested, and done that these animals serve as filling for meat pies. they are, rumour has it, quite tasty.

More than that, New Zealand has a lot of interesting things about it. It has a small population, a mere four million and not climbing, never destined to see the dizzy heights of five million.

New Zealand is an Aquarius, born on the sixth of February, 1840. This is the day that the treaty of Waitangi was signed between the Maori and Queen Victoria. Most people in New Zealand remain blissfully unaware of the ramifications of the Treaty.

Now, it is run by a Labour government headed by Helen Clark, who is popular, but likes to be in charge a little too much to make some people comfortable. Recent accomplishments of her governments include legalising prostitution and creating constitutional dilemmas.

There are three big cities in New Zealand. Auckland is the biggest, with 1.2 million people. It is large, austere and sinister; people who live there like it (some of them), and the people who don't live there don't.

The capital city is Wellington. It has 350,000 people, a heady mixture of hippies, public servants and students. It is renowned for its culture and being pretty. World famous director Peter Jackson is from Wellington.

Christchurch is the third biggest city. Mostly it's just smoggy.

A lot of tourists come to New Zealand to sample Maori culture, and to look at trees. There are a lot of native birds, but no mammals to speak of, save for some bats. New Zealand is famous for being the home of Sir Edmund Hillary, and the All Blacks. The national currency is the dollar, and the national colours are black and white, which is a slimming colour combination.