I went to his room in the middle of the night
I opened the door and I turned on the light
but to my surprise he was nowhere in sight
and I'm sure uncle Walter went waltzing last night

He goes wa wa wa wa wa wa waltzing with bears
raggy bears shaggy bears baggy bears too
And there's nothing on earth Uncle Walter won't do
He loves to go waltzing, go wa wa wa waltzing,
he loves to go waltzing go waltzing with bears


oh Beloved
why do I make that mistake again

I am adult

but not really

the child is still inside
and remembers
when triggered

tonight the trigger was asking
for something

adult child of alcoholic
never never never
ask for anything
and you can never never never
be told no

I asked
sleep has fled

the child remembers
wanting love so badly

when my friend said waltzing with bears
was about alcoholism oh yes in that moment
the song changed for me because oh yes

sometimes the bear is a teddy bear and hugs you tight
and sometimes it's asleep and can't be wakened
and sometimes it's happy and silly but not normal, no sense, scary
and sometimes the claws come out and tear through your heart

and the child would rather be alone lone lonely
then ask for love and be told no