I wrote an article for our local papers yesterday and today, but not a medical article. I did a press release for our synchronized swim team, because on Saturday our 13-15 year old Age Group team beat Seattle Synchro in both the Team Routine and in the 13-15 Age Group Solo. We only have the one age group team, which is half of our twelve girls. You can have up to eight girls for the team routine; we lose some points for only having 6. The girls were also in the figures contest, two placing in the top 8, 3rd and 8th. This win is a big deal because we are a town of 8925, and our county is 29,924. Contrast that with Seattle: 608,660 and King County: 1,931,249, with the greater metropolitan Seattle population at 3,344,813 (just under half of Washington's population). The Introverted Thinker is the one who was asking about relative population base, not me. We have 12 girls total on our team currently and no boys, though we had one last year.

Our girls went to Age Group Nationals last year in Federal Way, along with 36 other teams in that category alone. This year Nationals will be in Ohio in June. They have been working really hard, wanting to go to Nationals, but they were delighted and surprised to come in first at the first routine meet of the season.

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