Craig David is the warbling new pretty boy of British R'n'B who has taken over the charts in 2000.

Still only 19 years old and hailing from Southampton, England, Mr.David has enjoyed no 1's with his singles "Fill me in" and"Seven Days" as well as with his album "Born to Do it".

Craig first came to the publics attention providing the vocals for Artful Dodger's "Rewind" uttering the immortal line, "The crowd say Bo! Selecta!" but has been involved with music/songwriting/DJing for several years, despite his youth.

Craig has, only this week, picked up 3 MOBO awards (best R'n'B' act, best single and best newcomer) and he also hosts a garage show on Londons's Capital Radio on a Saturday night with his Artful Dodger pal, Mark Hill.

Craig David is likely to be the first major crossover R'n'B export from the UK with his special (if somewhat irritating) blend of R'n'B infused with the heavy reggae basslines and +8 tempo's of the UK garage scene.

One thing that I find peculiar about CD's music is his bizarre determination to name-check himself ad-lib throughout his own records!?!, be it a little warbling "Oooo,oooo Craig Daviiiid, yeh!"" or a rather more suggestive "Craig David, all over your body".

I personally find Mr.David's music rather insipid and certainly not to my taste. How much of this is fuelled by my jealousy of his youth, abundance of talent, good looks and his ever increasing bank balance you will have to decide for yourself.

One thing's for sure though, love him or hate him you're going to see a lot more of Craig David and his fluctuating vocal deliveries whether you like it or not!