Bruce, although no actor (despite the fact that he starred in over 20 Hong Kong movies as a child actor) had a screen presence matched by no martial artist past or present (in fact matched by few 'celebrities' whatever their craft).

A few Bruce facts you may or may not be au fait with.
Although rumour has it that he died in mysterious circumstances, his own doctor believes that his brain reacted to a chemical present in the hash cakes he was so fond of - a rare and unfortunate allergic reaction to a usually harmless drug.
The legendary scene in which Bruce performs a kickflip kick on Han's personal bodyguard O'Hara in Enter The Dragon was in fact performed by Jackie Chan's brother (Bruce couldn't do it!!).
Jeet Kune Do is roughly translated as 'the way of the intercepting fist' - at least this is the more romantic interpretation, I think the most accurate translation is 'stop fist way' or something?
Bruce had less than 1% bodyfat.
Bruce's father was a famous vaudvillian actor and comedian in his native Hong Kong although Bruce had American citizenship due to being born stateside on a family visit.
Bruce's pupils (in his pre-fame days) included basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabaar and actor Steve McQueen.