Granola is not only tasty, but easy to make, and can have many different forms as anyone who sees the bulk bins of it at the co-op can tell you.

4 or 5 cups of oatmeal
About half a cup of wheat germ
A quarter cup of brewer's yeast
A cup of chopped dried apples, or whatever other dried fruit you want. I usually use a cup each of apples and dates, but you can use anything you want.
A cup of walnuts, or whatever nuts you want. I usually use a cup each of walnuts and pecans.
Cookie sheets

What you do:
Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Then add the oil, honey, and vanilla. Add these slowly, stirring them in as you go. You want the wet ingredients evenly spread through the dry ingredients so they start to stick together a little. You want it slightly chunky and damp, not massively sticky and soggy.

When you have it at about the right consistency, spread it on cookie sheets and bake it at 300° until it's browning on top. This usually takes about 40-60 minutes, so I usually check it about every 10-15. After it's done, it's good to get it off the sheets fairly quickly as it becomes stickier when cool.