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Who, me?

"I do not like the idea of paying people to pretend to like me. I want people to pretend to like me for free." - Mark Ganek

Warning (or did i just see a spark of genius?)

You could be a better, or at least more unique person by experiencing this text. Because these letters will definitely reach a relatively small audience, and may provoke thoughts that few other people will think.

Y'know, there are more than 6 billion people on this little planet, and a incredibly vast number of things must have crossed those minds at some point or another. Even so, the sum of your experiences will be a unique collection of perceptions decided by your point of view, and your interpretation of these.
Authenticity rocks.

Feel free to hold your breath.


You might as well get to know me since you're already here.
I was born in 1982. I got grew up influenced by lots of litterature, a C64, and a successive range of PC's.
I first tried the internet on a regular basis in 1997. A first stab at College-level education was begun in 2001 Still counting