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NAME: Jessie
B-DAY: 9/18/78 (that's right, I'm legal, so f**k you alcohol policy)
ALIASES: Mad Typist, Ladyhawk555, The Missing Link
THINGS I LIKE: Football, deviance, rugby, poetry, movies that don't suck, alcohol (see deviance), techno!, computers,&.Xena
THINGS I DON'T LIKE: Golf, movies that are predicatable and encourage gender, racial, or cultural stereotypes, arrogant people, problem sets, racists, homophobes, and p.c. nazis
FRIENDS: the Vroon machine, Cryan, Chris "I'm going to be a lawyer" Co.peland
CAREER ASPIRATIONS: Fighter pilot and then airline pilot
IF I COULD HAVE ANY LIFE I WANTED: If I had my way, I think I'd like to live in Australia, running my own private airline. I'd fly people out into the bush in my little plane. I'd&.make enough to have a comfortable life. Then I'd take three week long vacations, and just jump into my pickup truck with my dog and go driving in the outback, sleeping in the back of the truck looking up at the stars.