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Wow, you copied my user info from the original everything. Even more wow, I remembered my password!
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The one and only Kev Vance, known around the networks as kvance. I've been running Linux full time for about six months on my desktop and a year on my server. And it would have a really nice uptime except for a recent kernel upgrade, and that&.people keep stepping on it.

My projects include the KevEdit editor for ZZT and the Linux port of MegaZeux as well as various shell scripts. Based on government restrictions, I am subjected to 6 hour brainwashing sessions 9 months a y.ata school institution.

My hobbies include the game of tennis along with playing and making a few games under ZZT and MegaZeux. Other than that, I bash out scripts and program in C. This is considered a hobby because although I dedic.ate near all my time to it, I don't get paid. Give me a job.

Despite popular belief, I am in no way related to michaelkvance, though he is an anagram of my full name.