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mission drive within everything
collect, store, and process knowledge, then act on it.
Trivia, mostly: I've got some skill at imagining things, and I also have a number of really common skills, such as writing html, or whistling. I want to be a computer scientist someday, or a teacher.
Clark College/ACS
"Carpe Prachybutera"-Seize the peanut butter.
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Let's Create a City (idea)
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My bio?
I was born at some point. I lived for a while.
I went to high school. After high school, I went to college for a little while.
I got depressed and screwed up my grades. I kind of recovered; I'm in therapy right now. I have a crappy job. I'm going to go back to college soon.

Known by my friends as a nice, sometimes intelligent person, capable of having a pretty damned good sense of humor, and then abandoning it haphazardly for long periods of time, I'm also something of a hermit, and kind of shy around other people. I make up for it by acting exuberantly nutty with my few, geeky friends. I like myself, and I tend to like humanity at large, though humanity in minutiae tends to get on my nerves a lot.
I work at a call center: my job is to make people's phones start working.