The ED 209, a prototype Enforcement Droid developed for deployment as an "Urban Pacification" unit by Omni Consumer Products. The ED 209 was developed by a team of engineers and scientists under the direction of Dick Jones. Dick Jones tells the board of directors that the ED 209 would be "...the hot military product for the next decade."

During the introduction of the ED 209 to the board , Dick instructs one of the board members to pick up a gun and point it at ED 209. The lifeless unit immediately springs into action and trains his guns on the gun weilding board member. ED 209 instructs the man to drop his weapon, and gives him 10 seconds to comply. The board member does indeed drop the weapon, but because of a "glitch" in ED 209's programming, the droid riddles the man's body with bullets.

This tragedy is exactly what a young executive, Bob Morton, needs to get approval to move ahead with his teams project, RoboCop. The CEO of OCP (affectionately refered to as "The Old Man") gives Bob the go ahead on the RoboCop project.

The ED 209 makes appearances in both RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3. In RoboCop 2, the unit is shown to be a blundering clumsy military robot. In RoboCop 3, a young girl with a laptop is able to reprogram an ED 209 to be "loyal as a puppy".