When the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see things as they truly are, infinite

That William Blake quote, not only inspired Aldous Huxley when writing a book about mescaline, The Doors of Perception, but also the four crazy guys, Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore who formed The Doors, one of the most influential bands ever.

I guess every male has a potential The Doors moment, when he is about 20-25. I got mine at 20, bought some records and played them nearly continuously. I think I've passed that now, but their songs still can change or enhance my moods greatly. They can take you to the hills of the world (or Hollywood, if you prefer) or to a state of perfect bliss. The Lizard King and his gang were truly one, as the eccentric Morrison's act would probably never made it to the stage without those three talented musicians that backed him until the end.

The Oliver Stone-directed biopic was also pretty nice, showing quite nicely some of the inner workings of the band, and approaching the band members' personality nicely (even if focusing perhaps too much on Jim Morrison, played by an strangely great Val Kilmer, which often looks (and sounds, as he uses his own voice to sing in the movie) as Jim's long lost twin brother.

Second /msg I receive about someone's The Doors' moment. Come here and share your experiences and acid trips. Hmmm... third now...