Random Hair Facts

25% of your hair is on your head
Grows 0.25 to 0.40 millimeters per day

This means an average growth as follows:
1 hour = 0.0125 mm
1 day = 0.3 mm
1 week = 2.1 mm
1 month = 1 cm
1 year = 12 cm

Every day, lose up to 100 hairs

If you add together the growth of every individual hair, your total hair growth daily is about 30 meters.

Throughout the past, hair has proved to be extremely important. In the 11th century, a woman's status was easily known by looking at her hair. Grand ladies wore their hair in two long braids on either side of their head, while young girls wore their hair down.

Women spent hours on their hair every day to make sure it looked perfect. In the 1700s, both men and women spent a lot of money having wigs made so their hair could be fashionable.

Your hair is an extension of your personality. If you were to go to a job interview dressed nicely in a suit, but your hair was a mess, it wouldn't matter how nice your suit was. If your hair is well taken care of, people will probably assume you are as well. I take pride in my hair, because it's the only thing about myself that I am definitely happy with. Be good to your hair; it is more important than it seems.