Actually, the jacketed flat point that is referred to above is quite different from a wadcutter. It is basically a FMJ round but does not have a ball profile.

More properly called a jacketed truncated cone bullet, it is shaped like a truncated cone. Duh.

Although most pistol rounds can be loaded with a TC bullet it is most commonly found on .40 Smith & Wesson FMJ factory loads. The flat point (oxymoron?) creates a bigger permanent crush cavity and permanently damages more soft tissue than a round "ball" profile FMJ. .22 lr rounds also uses TC bullets, the Remington Viper for one.

Not to make fun of getting shot but just to compare, a hit from a TC bullet will sound like "THUBB!" while a ball will easily part soft tissue and go through and through and would be more appropriately onomatopeaiaized as "BLOOP!"