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comic books, nes emulation, procrastination
im not good enough to have self esteem.
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stuff. stuff. more stuff.

go read some comic books, particularly, anything written by alan moore, warren ellis, or evan dorkin.

maybe preacher, written by one garth ennis, or, as if you havent already, sandman, written by neil gaiman.

i run a crappy little web site called, which isnt special, and usually finds me bitching about comic books, writing one liners, or doing nothing at all. it mushroomed over the course of a few years entirely by word of mouth, as i didnt and continue not to promote it.

im a fat american. not disgustingly fat, but i could stand to shed a few pounds.

ive got long hair that has been cut like three times in four years. ive always wanted to dye it red, but im a big wuss when it comes down to it.

im a nocturnal creature.