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A race in VGA Planets. Its race number is 1, and they are usually known as simply Feds.

General description, quoted from VGA Planets HOST manual:

The Feds' fleet is made up of many medium size ships that are designed to serve a variety of missions. They have only one ship that can serve as a fighter carrier. The Feds do not like to use fighters except as a last ditch measure when starbases or planets fall under attack. The weapon they most favor is the torpedo. For some unknown reason they like to paint their warships bright white and put external lighting systems on them. This tends to make them easier targets in a fight, but it also has the effect of scaring the daylights out of enemies. After all anyone who would light up their ships so brightly has to be unafraid of all enemies and have a very powerful ship or they are just completely stupid.

Their specialties:

  • Double money from taxes, both colonist and native (tunable)
  • Mining works at 70% (tunable)
  • Special mission: Super Refit: They can replace components of existing ships to newer ones without needing to scrap the whole ship.
Interesting ships in default shiplist:

  • Bohemian Class Survey Ship (Oberth Class Survey Ship in PLIST2) and Eros Class Research Vessel (Miranda Class Research Vessel in PLIST2), terraforming ships for increasing and decreasing planet's temperature.
  • Loki Class Destroyer (Constitution Class Frigate in PLIST2, although Feds don't have it), an anti-cloaker; will remove cloaking abilities of all ships within 10 light years.