I don't speak Japanese any more than what I've learned from subtitled anime (snicker), but just wanted to drop a note...

I find it strange how Japanese written in western charmap (a-z) actually pronounces almost exactly like that of Finnish. Based on my observations of translated and original-language subtitles, it would seem that except for some tricks (ie. 'w', 'n'), I, Finnish, actually could pronounce Japanese correctly, not the proper places of stress or tune, but otherwise.

Now, is this because of WWWWolf's conspiracy theory?

Or because Finnish comforms well to the generic text <=> speech translation RFC and Japanese, since its original written form was uncompatible with our charmap (you know, all those mysterious runes), had artificial our keymap <=> speech translation/pronounciation map created, which was, of course, created so that it conformed with the RFC well?

P.S. I hope that made sense.

P.P.S. WWWWolf, I live in inari (jaslak is my E1-user whose password I forgot) and I've never seen an (living, non-stuffed) arctic fox.