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mission drive within everything
angry, gigantic, crazy tough native indian who is wanting to kick your ass , and has every right to do so...( just kidding)
tying shoes so the knots never slip. Unix sysadmin.
can't say, want to get a better job. so can't diss the one I have now. Bad luck.
"Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven."
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6'5", 275 lbs, muscular.

Black hair (long, straight), greenish/brown/black eyes (depends on mood), reddish complexion. Voluntarily self-identifies as Metis/Cree. Wishes he knew how to speak his native language; speaks English, SQL, French, and a little bit of shell scripting, in that order. 20 yrs. old at this writing.

No known tattoos or identifying characteristics, except for the cyborg thing...long story.

Known to be dangerously sarcastic. Can be extremely silly, given the opportunity.

Despite pressures of heritage, has a pretty good education...mostly self-taught.

Likes the idea of Native casinos (take that, white man!), bein' a crazy indian, science fiction, *nix, Linus Torvalds, /. , the female zeitgeist, and my childhood hero Tecumseh.

Hopes for patience.