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mission drive within everything
To try and not make a total fool of myself
"techno" music, being the cause of MASSIVE ORGASMS =)
Circuit City. I sell 'puters. Yay for my $20 an hour!
I have got a lovely bunch of coconuts. Dont touch.
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To define a jofo, one would have to think of a male humanoid, standing at approximatly five foot tenish, who has eyes that change colors, but are mainly hazel colored. His favorite material of choice. would be polyester, for it is the most gODLY fabric ever created. His favorite past times are drinking Caramel Frappucinos (yum), playing a mud entitled 'Age of Dragons', talking to his friends, and reading up on all sorts of. the new nerdish info on slashdot. Either way, he must be approached with caution, for he can smite at a moments notice.

You laugh at me because I'm different.

I laugh at you because you're all the same.