A computer marketed by Mattel during the fall of the video game craze in the early 1980's. It was a sad attempt at repackaging a low-end CPM machine, and eventually intended to dock with the Intellivision, although only freestanding units were sold.

The Aquarius shipped with a rubber-chicklet keyboard that was impossible to use, one of the slowest 8-bit processors of the day, and only 4K of RAM. After loading Microsoft Basic, just over 1K of memory was available. A small number of Intellivision games were ported to cartridge, but the unit suffered from the dreadful disc-type joysticks like its elder cousin.

The Aquarius was released a matter of moments before Mettel dumped their consumer electronics group, and most were sold at liquidators. Almost no peripherals were available, and the aftermarket never picked up on the machine, so it quickly died in 1984.