Said Ms. Magazine article about glomming is a greatly exaggerated view of undergraduate life by a disgruntled grad student who has since transferred to another university. I suspect the previous cut-and-paste writeup was also written by someone unfamiliar with Caltech undergrauate life.

That is not to say glomming does not happen. Combine high concentrations of socially clueless teenaged males, a 2:1 male:female ratio, and an environment where students homework, do problem sets and crash in close proximity 24/7, and there are bound to be those who either knowingly or unknowingly become obnoxious annoyances. However, it is more an unfortunate side-effect of the ratio and the types of students that go to a tech school than the pervasive element of student life that Ms. Magazine makes it out to be. One common definition of glomming is "unwanted attention."

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