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 walked on the waves
            vipers coaxed of
           chains around your head,    A medusa 
          out; into
          circles of handcuffs.
           Beneficiaries           (caught hair streaming, waves sat bey
              under the                                   ond)
           crescent, bone on the gritted sky, tried their luck.

still upward
            eyes, yours as
       an offering, a wreath above crows
       nest, your hand waving
               marked some apology for in-     (went here) 
                 tallied a
               top the deck of
          some sinking boat the
           captain feigns indifference
            to the rising
          Rattled in your
          terrace the
           dusk had lashed
          itself at the
      irises -
      thrust into some flinching white-
      were your clothes still in tatters?
          from your shoulders
          for 5
      more minutes
       caught in dawn's fingers in fury,
       fell the waves
       onto your skyward eyes.

Donginger says re where was my sailboat: Like Welcome to the most refined enjoyment arising from the purest social, benevolent, and religious affections.